Kitimat Employment Services Centre
The Employment Program of British Columbia
is funded by the Government of Canada and
the Province of British Columbia.
Integrated Case Management (ICM)

The Integrated Case Management (ICM) Project is a partnership between the Ministries of Social Development; Children and Family Development; and Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government.

The ICM Project is replacing outdated and inflexible information systems used to deliver critical social programs such as child protection services, child care subsidies, income assistance and employment programs.

ICM is a key priority for government, and responds to the repeated calls over the years to improve information sharing across government to support better outcomes for British Columbia’s most vulnerable citizens. ICM will ensure critical case information remains safe, secure and accessible to protect and support the citizens of British Columbia.

While government is making the significant investment in ICM to support the priority needs of the Ministries of Social Development and Children and Family Development, the system has the potential to be extended to other areas of government in the future.

The five-phase project is currently in Phase 2, which was implemented on April 2, 2012.