Kitimat Community Services Society's Board of Directors governs the Agency by making policy for long term direction and determines the scope of the work we do. The Board employs a senior staff person, the Executive Director, to implement its policies and to manage the day-to-day business of the organization. The ED is accountable to the Board. Front-line staff and service volunteers are accountable to the ED and will impliment the activities as described. The ED conducts staff performance appraisals and its finances. At our yearly Annual General Meeting, the bylaws and constitution are reviewed by the membership and changes are recommended and voted upon. The Board sanctions our yearly financial review and financial statements are reviewed at our AGM by our membership.
Overall Structure
Incorporated on March 18th 1974, Kitimat Community Services Society promoted volunteerism and organized a variety of initiatives that encouraged family activities within the community. Through community needs determination, we emerged as an information and public service bureau and began exploring funding options for programs that we developed in cooperation with other community agencies. Examples include Mother's Time Out and the Kitimat Crisis Line.

Literacy Kitimat originated in 1989 following a request from an Alcan employee who needed assistance with reading. With financial support from Northwest Community College, the BC Gaming Commission and local donations, we have taught students from all over the world to read, write and speak English. This program has evolved in the last 8 years to include assistance with distance education courses. Our Coordinator conducts a preliminary educational history assessment, administers and grades the entrance exam and then assists the learner with the application. When the learner receives their courses, we review the package to explain the process, provide individual and group tutoring and, finally, test supervision.

In the late 1980s, we began to address employment issues in our community through programs such as Work Oriented Workshops and Employment Preparation and our Volunteer Incentive Program linked with Regionally Initiated Special Employment Program which trained female social assistance recipients in the entry level skills required to secure jobs in the clerical field and enrol in post-secondary education.

At this point in our evolution KCSS took a leadership role in Kitimat to address social development issues relating to employment barriers by developing and using personal development skills training in all our programs.

In our continuing partnership with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology, we contracted to deliver their employment programs for social assistance recipients in 1996 and the Bridging Program for Women Abuse Survivors. We also tackled youth unemployment delivering several Youth Employment Skills programs that assisted youth to overcome personal barriers, obtain work experience and find employment. Through all these years, we continued to assist clients to write resumes, contact employers and look for work. It was in 1997 that our local labor market began to show signs of deterioration beginning with downsizing of Alcan and Eurocan, thus having a direct impact on small business and entry-level jobs. With HRSDC's financial support for employment assistance services, we began to tackle the issues relating to unemployment in Kitimat. With financial support obtained from the Local Labor Market Partnerships Program and with support from the District of Kitimat we have conducted a feasibility study for an Enterprise Centre in Kitimat to nurture entrepreneurs and coordinated a conference for youth to explore the idea of self-employment. We continue to provide clients with resources to assist them in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Skeena Native Development Society came on board with us in 1999 to provide employment counselling specifically for First Nation's individuals. We delivered their EAS services for 2 years.

We continue to work with the Ministry of Human Resources employment programs as funding becomes available and worked cooperatively with NWCC to deliver what KCSS fashioned as the "Connecting to Work Program" for BC Benefits recipients. Our role was to provide job coaching and teach job searching skills to participants in the program. We continue to work with at-risk youth by administering the Kitimat Youth Centre and the Odyssey Program - a version of the Youth Employment Skills program.

Currently the Ministry for Housing and Social Development funds the Jobwave and Community Assistance Program for BC Benefits recipients.

In 2003, together with the Kiwanis Seniors Citizens Housing Society, KCSS has worked steadfastly to bring Kitimat's first Seniors Assisted Living Complex to our community. The Delta King Place opened its doors on August 1st, 2007.

Our expertise in delivering employment readiness programming has been our foundation for almost 25 years. We have worked with many different target groups over the years and have developed an eclectic model of service delivery to fit a broad base of client needs. Our Employment Services Centre is a one-stop shop for job seekers. From employment counselling to resume writing, job search workshops to computer/internet access, we strive to meet community and client needs in the Northwest.

In 2007 literacy practitioners in the community came together to form the Kitimat Community Literacy Network. Under the stewardship of the KCSS, funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Legacies 2010 is being used to develop local programs and services at the grassroots level.
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